Homeopathy: sugar pills as an alternative medicine

by Natalia Duarte

9th of September

Although it was started 200 years ago for the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (WebMD, 2015), the homeopathy has become popular in the last years. People want to be healthier, live more and better; avoiding the traditional and chemical medicines, it is just one more measure that follows the complete healthy diet and the exercise.

From few years ago, the conscious of taking care of the body and the mind it has been increase at the same time that the reliance of the big food companies and pharmaceutical has decrease. These context had made possible the awareness of homeopathic methods used not only as the prevention of the flu or as a cure for a headache, also as an alternative treatment for chronic disease as asthma, arthritis or allergies (Shah, 2015). Analyzing the characteristic’s of the homeopathy and its uses, we can consider it now as a micro-trend. Homeopathy is based in the market level as consumers are ready for a change, they are demanding more natural products and they are less confident about the methods used by big companies. Even so, success is hard to predict and that stablished this natural method in the micro-trend level on the pyramid,

This natural method is changing norms and values of the society and it is given others that are changing society mind. The trend is now growing and every day is catching new followers, so in few years could arrive to the maturity of the life cycle. As an example the 40% of French population using it and 30% of physician prescriptions in 2012 (McLeod, 2012). That makes a trend who is already installed in “the healthy way of life”, but also a trend who could become bigger in few years. And its expansion is not only for population, also for applications and treatments to assert to the chemical industry.

Even the method do not convince the entire community of doctors for the similarities of the placebo, is it useful for a huge number of people and the natural therapy experts are every day more important. The high price, the difficulties to find them and the mistrust of a part of medical community do not stop it consume. Every day are more and more people who trust this method for their disease once the traditional treatment do not improve their life. Muscular disease and articular problems patients is one of the big collective who chose to try with homeopathy treatments and other alternatives such acupuncture or naturopathy (Shah, 2015).

Is this trust of the population to the alternatives is what the pharmaceutical companies do not understand at all. The homeopathy pills are only a combination of herbs and minerals, so how can they really make a difference and help in a treatment? This would be another article but the point is that in case the method do not helps you, a correct dose prescribe by a physician, won’t make your disease worst as they are only natural complements (Shah, 2015).

That is the clue of the method and the huge difference between the traditional medicines. Shall the pharmaceutics be afraid of it?



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2 thoughts on “Homeopathy: sugar pills as an alternative medicine

  1. Interesting article since i’ve been busy with this subject for quite some time out of personal experiences with the pharmaceutical industry.

    I’m confident that the pharma industry wouldn’t like to see alternative medication grow. In 2015 only, the pharma industry spend over 124.000.000 dollars on lobbying. Which mainly goes to making sure no one get’s in their way of making money. (Taylor, 2015) The pharma industry relies on their patients being sick and keeping them sick. Now although this may sound a bit conspiracy theory like, they are not even trying to hide it anymore. “An important part of the pharmaceutical industry is getting people better. But they do it in small steps, to secure their source of income.”(Hafkamp, 2012) That could also be one of the reasons why the MDMA PTSD treatment is not really progressing even though there is a highly possible chance that it’s effective. “The researchers found that their PTSD symptoms remained reduced, they didn’t go on to abuse drugs, and there was no harm to memory and concentration after the treatment.” (Gage, 2012). The truth to me is, that the pharma industry just doesn’t like to see fast en effective developments when it comes to curing the diseased. Yet a lot of doctors are pushed to sell as many medicines as possible. ( the ritalin case in the U.S for example (Hruska, 2012) )Cause when a patient is fully cured, you lose a source of income and that’s the last thing they want.


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  2. Interesting trend. You do explain well why you think it is a trend and where it is in the life cylce. You could be a bit more explicit on what type of trend it is in the trend pyramid. And you use footnotes instead of APA. In the comment above, by Roald, you can see how the APA quotation works. So there is room for improvement, but it is not bad.


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